Local farms and venues who are doing it right, naturally!


Faul Farms: placing quality before quantity, the Faul's pride themselves in raising natural grass fed beef. Nurturing their cows from birth and bringing them down the road to their local butcher, the Faul's make sure the sell only the best beef possible.

Vibrant Farms: a wonderful family owned farm, that is organic certified. Father Dennis and daughter Melissa Baer  are passionate about their cows, the diet that they are fed and the health of their costumerss. If you are looking for 100% grassfed organic beef, look no further.


Gordon's Goat Dairy: a small family run business that is passionate about the benefits of farm fresh milk and cheese, Gordon and Bethany have perfected Goat cheese. They keep their goat's health and diet a large priority, feeding them only their own grown grains that are free of GMO's.

Monforte Dairy: if you are looking for artisan cheeses that are handcrafted and aged to perfection, be sure to try some Monforte Cheese. They sell a variety of speciality cheeses from cows milk, goats milk and sheep milks. Available year round, be sure to try some with a VQA wine or local beer.

    u-pick blueberries

Sheldon berries: located just outside of St. Mary's, the orchard is beautiful and peaceful. Set aside a couple of hours on a Saturday morning, grab the kids and a bucket or two and head out to the fields to pick some juicy blueberries. Ripe in July and August.

Walker's Organic Blueberries: with a priority on organic, the Walker's blueberry patch is a place of relaxation and serenity. With ample amounts of bushes, the family could spend an entire day getting lost in the act of blueberry picking and forgetting about the outside world. Remember to bring a bucket and a hat! Located in New Hamburg.

   u-pick raspberries

Nauman's: with four varieties of raspberries red and dark, the Nauman's has six acres of land dedicated to growing raspberries. Open for raspberry picking in mid July to early August. They also have strawberries for u-pick available.

Organic Oasis: if you missed out on raspberry picking during the summer, there are always fall raspberries, available starting at the end of August or early September. At Organic Oasis, you can pick fall raspberries on a peaceful farm setting knowing that you are feeding your family well, raspberries that are free from pesticides and herbicides. Grab the camera, the kids, a bucket and hats and set aside a couple of hours to spend picking succulent fall raspberries. Call ahead first to make an appointment.

    u-pick strawberries

Herrle's: each spring, we make a priority to set aside a couple afternoons to fill our berry picking bucket with Herrle's strawberries. Succulent and sweet, freeze them for winter storage.

Organic Oasis: spend some time with the family, picking strawberries and watching the cows graze. Picturesque, quality time with the youngsters.


Erbcroft Farms: a wonderful family farm, just a few minutes outside of Stratford. Owners Tim and Luann pasture raise their lambs, as well as ducks, chickens and turkeys. They have a beautiful 300 hundred acre farm located right next to a beautiful creek, make sure to call ahead and plan a visit to their farm, make it a family outing.


Stratford Slow Food Market: where artisanal and quality take precedent. The fifth avenue of markets, the vendors here eat, sleep and breathe local, seasonal and natural/organic. With a desire to bring only the freshest produce and speciality heirloom varieties of fruits and vegetables as well as naturally raised animal products. Live music, barbecues and local speakers are just a few of the events they have going on in addition to the food venues.


Perth Pork Products: specializing in heritage breed pigs, their pork products are delicious! Our family loves their sausages and their pork shoulder roasts make superb pulled pork. Call ahead and plan a trip out to the farm with the family.


Nick and Nat's Uptown 21: a wonderful setting with excellent service and delicious food, owners Nick and Nat use local and seasonal produce as inspiration for their dishes. They have a large selection of local VQA wines and beers to pair with meals as well. And for those with food allergies, Nick and Nat have you covered! Call ahead to make reservations and remember to tell them about any food sensitivities.


Lailey: beautifully located in Niagara-on-the-lake, Lailey Vineyard takes pride in their grapes and wine. Making sure to practice sustainably and maintaining the quality of their soil. Owners David and Donna have mastered the art of growing grapes. While winemaker Derek Barnett prides himself in aging the wines properly.

For more recommendations check out this website. Remember, good things do grow in Ontario, so buy local, buy fresh!
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