Sunday, June 24, 2012

Homemade Preschool Curriculum

The past few weeks I have been quite a busy mama, piecing together a personalized homeschooling curriculum for my three and half year old daughter and two year old son. Unfortunately, my husband and I do not have a lot of disposable income and cannot afford to spend hundreds of dollars on curriculums and books - at this point. Which is why I thought I would spend a little extra time coordinating our own curriculum, utilizing free resources from websites and my favourite - our local public library.

For all those mother's who are thinking about homeschooling their little ones, or have preschool aged children at home that you would like some free activity ideas to do with them, this post is for you! With an outline of what we do each week and where we find our free resources!

In an attempt to stay organized, live simplified and stay disciplined, I've broken our homeschool week into various categories including: letter of the week, weekly bible verses, color of the week, arts and crafts, math.  We typically do, at least once a week, an outing together as well.

Letter of the Week

Each week, we focus on learning one letter. We write it, read it, sound it out. This week, our featured letter was the letter A. We have been learning various letters off and on, at the wish of my daughter M., but I took an authoritative stand and decided it was time that we start at the beginning and work our way through. This way we can stay organized, know which letters we have worked through, and not lose our place.

Activities we do with our letter of the week:

Write words down on our chalkboard that begin with the letter A

Complete "homework" {as little M. likes to call it} sheets on the letter A, found here.

Read books that highlight the letter A. This week we read:

Weekly Bible Verse

Growing Godly children is extremely important to both my husband and myself. We read Bible stories with the every evening before bed, pray with them throughout the day and encourage them to pray too. Learning a weekly verse helps them to familiarize themselves with scripture and begin to live God's word, not just read it. There are lessons every week that go along with the verse as well.

Obey your Elder, they keep watch over you. Hebrews 13:17

This week, we focused on the importance of obedience and listening

We played Simon Says.

Closed our eyes and listened to outside noises.

And read numerous books that teach about obedience and listening:

Color of the Week

Little M. is very good at knowing her colors, while little Man struggles a bit more. For now, we are going to be focusing on one color each week, this includes trying to find the color of the week while we're out and about.

Doing worksheets highlighting the color of the week, found here.

Borrowed a couple books from the library:

Arts and Crafts

Trying to decide which arts and crafts to do is harder than coming up with ideas. There are oodles of places for inspiration, including pinterest, books from the library, and other bloggers. This week, it was so nice out, we decided to draw chalk people:

Math Lesson

I've been creating math themes for each week, to guide us on our introduction to homeschooling. From our local library, I was able to borrow two books that I've created a math curriculum from and find worksheets online here, that allow us to have great pre-schooling math lessons free!

Our focus this week was on patterns, we built them with blocks, colored them.

I was surprised how quickly Little M. picked up on patterns. Just goes to show me that I cannot put a preschooler in a box, but be open to teach her just about anything. At her age, children are still so passionate about learning.

And we continue to learn about counting... so we borrowed another great book from the library:

This book is wonderful! After reading it a couple times Little M. is learning to do simple addition, without me forcing her or having to have a "unit" lesson on it or anything. Watching young ones learn is astonishing.

Finally, our outing for the week was a trip to pick juicy strawberries, mmm, we went a couple times!

At the end of every month, I use a print out calendar for the upcoming month and spend about 45 minutes planning. Beginning with the memory verse and letter of the week, then I pick out activities, books and projects that are based around those. A little time spent, but then once it's all written down and organized {you can read about that here} I am ready to tackle the month ahead, without being stressed about what I am going to teach that week/day.

Btw.... did anyone catch my spelling mistake? Aardvark has two a's not one! Whoops! Just goes to show we all have some learning to do, no matter how old we are.


  1. looks like a great curriculum :) not sure if it is what you are looking for but I love using Preschool Express to get ideas also when I had toddlers and preschoolers.

    I actually have a preschool curriculum I'll have to dig it up that is great and Christian. If your interested I'd mail it to you?

  2. Thanks Shannon! I do have a sonlight curriculum that was handed down to me from another homeschooling mom, for preschoolers, which is where I got the inspiration from. We are having a great time focusing on a new letter to learn each week, number and colour. At this age, kids love to learn anything and everything, it's wonderful! As they get older though, I'm sure it gets a bit more challenging.

  3. looks cool i am doing my own too since we cannot buy currilum


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