Thursday, March 8, 2012

Real Food Pledges

A few days ago after sharing some heart heavy family news, I posted a challenge for anyone willing to participate: 30 days of whole foods.  My intentions with this challenge are to encourage and offer support for those who want to make a change in their families diets. For the month of March I will be posting alternative recipes to traditional processed foods or even foods filled with not so good for you refined ingredients. In addition, I thought I would share a few real food pledges to further motivate all who are interested... 
Recently, someone shared with me another blog that has a similar passion: to reduce the consumption of processed foods and instead replace those foods with whole foods. On the site there is a section titled 100 days of mini pledges, how cute! Instantly I fell in love with every single weekly pledge. So I thought, why not do something like that on this blog?

If you are trying to reduce or remove processed foods, here is a great way to start. Instead of 100 days of mini pledges, since we are already on day 5 of the whole foods challenge, I thought it would be a great to condense them into 25 days.

Are you ready? Again?

Today, (or for the rest of the day), chose to drink whole beverages.  

De-caffeinated coffee
100% fruit juice
Vegetable juice
Plain milk

For the rest of the month, try to drink at least two glasses of a whole beverage. Or chose to make alternatives such as homemade lemonade sweetened naturally with honey. If you have some strawberries frozen, puree them with some plain milk for a sweet, naturally colored and flavoured treat.

Here's to healthy eating and happy taste buds!

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  1. Hooray! I already follow this :) Easy to get a committment from me on this day!


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