Monday, January 30, 2012

Green Lemonade

Call me spoiled. For my birthday my husband ordered a Breville juicer. I cannot remember what started my fascination with juicers, or if that truly matters, nevertheless, my husband saw me browsing them and did a little research of his own. His research led him to believe that the Breville Juice Fountain Elite was extremely efficient, did not produce a lot of waste and super easy to clean (which it is, and all of the above!).

After waiting what seemed like forever, the juicer finally arrived. It has settled in nicely in our home and made it's part of the family already. We have been juicing anything we can get our hands on. From carrots to cucumbers, apples, oranges and my favourite: leafy greens. Every morning since we've had the juicer, we have been feasting on "green lemonade". 
Juicing is a great way to get nourishment quickly into your body. By choosing to juice greens such as kale, cucumber, spinach, collards, swiss chard, watercress, fresh herbs, your body becomes infused with live enzymes and loaded full of vitamins and minerals. Never in my life have I consumed as many fresh vegetables in one day as I am now.

Check out that plate full of fresh fruits and vegetables. That is what I have been enjoying for breakfast. Obviously I could not sit down with a fork and knife and actually chew and swallow all of that. But by juicing, you get all of the greatness of the food - think of all that chlorophyll your body is getting!

Be sure to also include fresh whole fruits and vegetables in your daily diet as well, so that your body can receive some great fiber as well.
Green Lemonade
1 head of celery, cut and rinsed
2-3 apples, any sweet variety
1 cucumber (peel skin off if not organic)
6-8 stalks of leafy greens
1 lemon
1 1 inch piece of ginger (optional)

Depending on what type of juicer you have, you may need to cut the apples or remove the rind of the lemon. Follow the guidelines in your instructors manual.

Go right ahead and enjoy this! Between the sweetness of the apples and the flavour of the lemon, any bitterness from the greens is over powered.

I am officially.... addicted!

Wonder how many delicious concoctions we will be able to make once the growing season  begins...!

Do you have a juicer? What do you like to make with it?

Bon Appetit!
Chef Momma

This recipe was shared at Monday Mania


  1. YUM!! That's amazing that all those fruits and veggies go into one glass!! What a great start to the day...

    1. I know! I cannot believe how all of that goes into a glass. And my kids just love that they get to drink fresh juice that is green. They don't even realize how many veggies they are eating for breakfast.

  2. I found you thru Monday Mania, you have a wonderful blog! I too am entranced with juicing! I love knowing that all those delicious enzymes and nutrients are being absorbed right into my body!! After countless hours on the internet I finally chose a Champion Juicer with a separate press and have been thrilled with it! However.....if I ever win the lottery...a shiny Norwalk juicer will grace my countertop!! :)

    1. Thanks so much Joy! Have you seen the film Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead? Great documentary about how juicing aids our bodies. Apparently, when juicing, since our bodies do not have to work to digest the nutrients, that frees them up to work on eliminating toxins and healing itself.

  3. I just made a green lemonade on Friday. So good. I don't know what kind of juicer I have (some big stainless, centrifuge type that works for me) but I just got a VitaMix and every morning we all have been having green smoothies. Getting the VitaMix prompted me to get out the juicer and the two have been used every day since!

    1. I'm completely jealous that you have a VitaMix! That and a good dehydrator on our my "wish list" still. Good for you juicing and blending. You must feel terrific! :)

  4. This sounds amazing!!
    I want a juicer SO bad.
    Thanks for. Shareing


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