Tuesday, May 3, 2011

100 Mile Diet Themed First Birthday Party

Reid's 1st birthday sign, in the shape of a tree!
As soon as I discovered that I was pregnant with my second baby,  my mind almost immediately went to the thought of what in the world would I do for this baby's first birthday. Crazy thought to have, I know, but you have to understand that my daughter's first birthday was very elaborate. I spent quite awhile planning it, organizing it and trying to make it spectacular. She had an Alice in Wonderland tea party theme, and she was the Queen of Heart's dressed in a beautiful pink dress with lace and frills.

Thankfully, my locavore lifestyle inspired me along the way to have a 100 mile diet theme for my son's first birthday that was also eco-friendly. If he had stayed in to cook a little longer I was hoping for an earth day celebration party but since he came a few weeks earlier than expected, I thought what could be more perfect for my barefoot boy than a locavore party! Not like he really understood, but I thought it was a grand idea!

the invitations cut from a local birch branch
Why a 100 mile diet theme you may ask? I'm extremely passionate about the eco-friendly, sustainability, humane, green movement. and reducing my carbon footprint as much as possible. I incorporated these beliefs that my family and I uphold into the party theme. From the birch invitations that were hand cut by my husband, hand lettered by myself and delivered in person (whenever we saw someone we simple just handed them the invitations) to the recycled napkins and compostable plates, not a detail was missed.  Lastly, every year on a birthday for my husband and sister in law, my father in law would make them a sign (being that he is a sign maker). My husband, who is very understanding, heard my plee for a sign that was eco-friendly and not made of PVC and used cardboard from an order their shop at received to make the sign for  birthday party.

Unfortunately, spring did not arrive as soon as I had hoped, which left me scavenging for frozen foods such as rhubarb and raspberries (both local!)  and greenhouse veggies to serve at the party (thank goodness for those local greenhouses!). My creativity got the best of me and my sanity slowly slipped away.

We had homemade potato chips made with local Canadian potatoes and rendered lard (from a perth pork pig) homemade popcorn from local organic kernels, rhubarb punch (raspberries from McCully's farm & frozen rhubarb from Dallas), homemade onion dip (sour cream from Hewitt's dairy), local spelt bread from Golden Hearth, local apple cider and apple butter, &  carrot cake cupcakes with a number of local ingredients, sweetened with Snyder's Heritage Farm Maple Syrup. I definitely had my work cut out for me. But thanks to the help of my father, (a mandolin and a food processor) the food came out splendidly - and was a hit! Oh, the candle was even made locally with local beeswax!

Although not everyone who attended the party knew all the details of just how environmentally friendly and 100 mile diet conscientious I was, the guests (and host!) had a great and hopefully memorable time. We made sure to take lots of pictures of our little man eating two, or was it three, cupcakes.

Reid enjoying his 1st cupcake
Eating locally while thinking globally is a great theme to celebrate a one year old. My prayer for my little man is that he goes through life with respect for others and the world. Never giving into consumerism and thinking about how his decisions will impact the world in the long term instead of getting sucked up in the notion that our world is disposable. Finding out about my pregnancy a year and a half ago was quite the surprise but I love everything about my little man and the changes he has made to our lives. Thank you to everyone who helped make this party possible and to all those who attended thank you for the wonderful memories!

If you are interested in hosting a 100 mile diet or locavore party yourself, I encourage you to find local foods, bakers, even candlestick makers! Shop at second hand stores to try and find cloth napkins or for knick knacks for the party. You do not have to make everything from scratch. You can choose to only serve 100% local foods or just 50%, the choice is really yours. Every little bit helps to protect our planet. What foods would you serve at a 100 mile diet party? 

Party favour ideas for older children: reusable snack bags!

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  1. This is such an inspiring post! How lucky your son is to have his first birthday celebration marked by such thought and a love for the Earth. How can he help but grow up to be a man who cares for the planet. Congratulations mom!

  2. Thank you foe this post, I am in the process of planning a ."green" Over The Rainbow party for my daughters 1st birthday!

    Please feel free to add your blog to my blog directory at www.EcoCrazyMom.comI'd love to keep in touch!


  3. Terri, that birthday party sounds spectacular, love the idea! Will you be sharing the party on your blog? I'll definitely link up with you :D


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